Celebrations, Ceremonies, and Additional Spiritual Services

Satsang Classes and Advanced Spiritual Study

The Satsang class is a study of the works of ECK.  It is a year-long study of twelves discourses or lessons, studying one discourse per month.  Satsang classes are led by a teacher (Arahata) and available to members of Eckankar.

If you would like to visit a class to see what it's like, or for information about Satsang classes or online classes in your area, contact the Spiritual Services Director.

To learn more about membership in Eckankar and advanced spiritual study, call 952-380-2222 or visit eckankar.org/Membership.


ECK Clergy

An ECK cleric is ordained into the ECK clergy.  The ECK cleric priestly duties include leading ECK Light and Sound Services, and wedding, consecration, rite of passage and memorial services.  ECK Celebrations are available to all individuals who wish to celebrate life’s passages.

ECK Light and Sound Service

The ECK Light and Sound Service is a community event offered by Eckankar for spiritual seekers of all faiths and religious backgrounds.

For information on ECK Light and Sound Services in your area, visit ECK Light and Sound Service.

ECK Wedding Ceremony

Celebrates the marriage bond and commitment of the couple to bring a deep spiritual awareness to their life together.

ECK Consecration Ceremony

This ceremony celebrates new life and the beginning of a new phase in Soul’s journey home to God.

ECK Rite of Passage Ceremony

This ceremony celebrates for youth on the threshold of becoming adults and personal commitment to the ECK teachings.

ECK Memorial Service

This ceremony celebrates a loved one’s life and passage into a new life in the spiritual worlds.

ECK Spiritual Aide

An ECK Spiritual Aide (ESA), a member of the ECK clergy, is available to meet with any individual who may wish personal spiritual assistance. The ESA serves as a vehicle for the Holy Spirit as a quiet listener.  The ESA does not provide counseling or therapy.

For Further Information

Contact the Regional ECK Spiritual Aide.