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     “Service starts at home.
"At the very least, make some day special for you, a family member, or the whole family.  Celebrate a special day, like a birthday, an anniversary, or a just-because day.  Make plans.  Do something new or some favorite seldom-time-for activity like going to a movie, an ice-cream shop, or maybe for a walk in the park.
"Hey, wait a minute!  How are these things spiritual service?
"If such things can reawaken you to the sheer joy of being alive–wonderfully, vibrantly, gratefully alive–then they are spiritual.  Plan for more like moments and days.”

Harold Klemp, The Living Word, Book 4, p.144

Tucson Festival of Books

Early Spring
University of Arizona Campus
Tucson, Arizona

The Tucson Festival of Books is an annual event at the University of Arizona campus attracting many visitors each year since 2009.  Dates for the 2025 festival have been confirmed for March 15 and 16, 2025.

Visit the ECKANKAR in Arizona booth to learn about ECKANKAR, the Path of Spiritual Freedom. Experience HU, an ancient, universal name for God that can uplift people of any religion, culture, or walk of life.

Have a discussion on a spiritual matter regarding such topics as

  • Health and healing
  • Reincarnation and karma
  • Relationships
  • Prayer, meditation and contemplation
  • Dreams

Learn about yourself as Soul and what your next spiritual step might be.

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Electric Light Parade

December 5, 2020
Phoenix, Arizona

Every December, the APS Electric Light Parade brings holiday magic to families, neighborhoods and local businesses in Phoenix AZ. More than 100,000 spectators gather every year to watch over 60 lighted holiday entries including floats, marching bands, performance groups and community groups pass through the downtown area to the joy of children and adults.

We have been blessed to participate in the APS Electric Light Parade in previous seasons. This year, we will be updating the float, creating new costumes for the marchers, and bringing renewed participation to our parade presence.  Look for us this December (2020) as marchers and our float share HU, a love song to God.  See you at the parade!

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ECKANKAR Founder's Day

September 17th

Founder's Day is an ECK tradition honoring Paul Twitchell and his mission to establish the modern-day teachings of ECKANKAR. It is a day of gratitude and thanksgiving observed on the anniversary of Paul's translation, September 17.

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Beautify Day – A New ECK Tradition

Beautify Day is an ECK tradition the Mahanta, The Living ECK Master brought forward in the Mystic World, September 2019. Together or tucked away in our respective homes, we can actively beautify our contemplation area, our roadside, or other worthy project.

Twice a year, typically in May and September, you are invited to celebrate Beautify Day in a way suited to you and the Mahanta.

“Do this with all your love and attention. Tip: Practice the Master’s presence.

“Openhearted celebration of the ECK traditions creates beacons of Light and Sound all over the globe and affects the consciousness of the world. Do this in the name of the SUGMAD, the ECK, and the Mahanta.

“And with gratitude for the gift of life!”

Mystic World, September 2019

If you like, take a photo of your shining example and send it to our webmaster to share your love for life and encourage the growth of this new ECK tradition in Arizona.